Keeping You Informed

We continue to see unprecedented inflation issues due to spikes in demand and reduction in supply, across most of our manufacturing partners. That coupled with increased freight costs poses great challenges for all of us.

It’s unfortunate, but we will make every effort to keep you informed so you can plan accordingly. Beginning in January, roughly 80% of our manufacturers will be adjusting their pricing to reflect a 10% increase. We are also beginning to see higher costs associated with fabric and wallpaper. One of the most recent pricing changes is below:


  • Jan 3rd 2022   
  • Price increase 7–10%  
  • Effective for any orders received after 1/3/22, and for any stock orders that cannot be shipped before 3/1/22

 As always, we are here to help and brainstorm on ways to ensure you can deliver the best possible service to your clients. We will get through this together!