Keeping You Informed

Keeping You Informed

Hi Everyone,

In a recent letter from Andy Bray the President of Vanguard Furniture, he does a wonderful job explaining what our industry has endured and continues to manage as a result of a variety of unexpected challenges:

“The pandemic, coupled with raw material shortages, supply chain disruptions and unpredictable labor has wreaked havoc on our ability to schedule orders and produce furniture.”

– Andy Bray President, Vanguard Furniture

Here is a quick look at the latest industry updates:



  • Our main trucking source for deliveries from North Carolina to the Northeast, is now taking six weeks to deliver goods as a result of limited staff.


  • There is a new price increase of 8%. This is in addition to their 5% increase one month ago.


  • Temporary surcharge of 15% on all products.
  • Read the update from Brownstone
  • As always, we appreciate your patience and will do our best to keep you informed of the latest updates across all manufacturers.